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We build a better society in the financial field

About us


Our professionals have used their more than 25 years of combined experience in business development, and financial management to develop the sophisticated SII investment system, leveraging a high-frequency HFT algorithm. This helps us to bring perfect balance when trading within the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).


We bring our users closer to their goals in less time.

At TruCapitals, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to shape their financial future, from empowering youth to gain independence and stability, helping women build wealth without relying on others or compromising their dreams. Our solutions are making it possible for those who are determined to reach a prosperous destiny to do so! Our mission is unwavering: Financial education combined with access to effective resources will help unlock potential like never before in this world of opportunity.

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We strive to give our users the resources and knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions, enabling them to realize their aspirations. By providing mindful saving plans alongside quality financial education, we are committed to helping people reach new heights of economic prosperity.

The focus is to connect our users faster with their financial goals.

Our team of financial experts is dedicated to creating lasting value for our users by introducing disruptive systems that connect them with their goals in a timely and efficient manner. Based out of Tijuana and expanding into Mexico City and New York, we provide comprehensive services spanning areas of investment promotion & beyond!

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